How to set up Mybook studio 1TB for time machine use!

OI have just purchased a the HD above to back up my Mac with, using time machine. I did this before I found out about the lovely SMARTWARE. But now I have no choice but to push on with this drive. Could someone  please be so kind as to  point me in the right direction of how to do this ! And if I have used it for time machine can I still manually please files on the drive as well ? Or will I need to partition the drive? ( half for time machine and half for manual file placement) …  If I do need partition the drive how would I go about it  ?

Many thanks to any one who can answer my questions.

Since you  have already using Time Machine for your back up software.

You are already familiar with Time Machine.

No, you do not need to create another partition.

You also do not need to use the WD Smart software either. No need to install it.

You still be able to drag and drop files to WD external drive manually as you wish.