How to set up music streaming

I’m sure this is covered somewhere in this forum, but I can’t find it. How do I set up music streaming from my WD TV Live Hub. I have no problem streaming video from the hub to my ipad using 8player, and can similarly view photos, but how do I stream music. For photos and videos (and music) I’ve just dragged and dropped folders from my laptop to the hub.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any advice.

I have found, at least with Android devices, the same apps that play the video will play your music files. Some will even access your pictures as well. Make sure the Hub is setup properly (Read the Manual) for Apple devices as I’m almost positive there is a setting of some sort for them. Music should be in it’s own folder, pictures in their’s and video it it’s own folder. It’ll help if you have a music folder off the root folder of the Hub. This applies to the other media too. Inside those folders you break it down as you want. Most of us for video do:

Movies (In root of Hub)

  Action (dump all movies don’t use a folder for each movie)

  Drama (Same as above)

  Comedy (Same As Above)

I think this is how most of us do music








Photos or Pictures you can pretty much do as you like I think…

I use my Hub for video ONLY no pictures or music. I keep music and pictures on shared external drives on one of my PCs. Music on one drive Pictures on another. But that’s just how I roll, as they say. :slight_smile: All of it can be accessed from my tablet, phone, WDTV units, Smart TV and PCs as all the drives are shared in Windowz.

My entire iTunes Media folder is on a drive attached to the WD exactly like it is in iTunes.  I sync this folder periodically to my original folder so they are the same.  My iTunes has NO copy-protected music in it; just mp3s from making digital albums from my CDs and music I d/l from eMusic.  Therefore, everything plays without the Apple DRM Police being involved.

I make playlists in iTunes that play the music from the WD drive.  I have written lots of stuff here about this, so do a search and you can find my messages.