How to Set Up for OpenDNS

Can anyone give me some instructions for using OpenDNS with the WD router?  I set  the Primary and Secondary DNS servers in the WAN - Internet Setup screens to the OpenDNS IP addresses, and although the screen reports those DNS addresses, it’s not using them.

How do you know it’s not using them?

There are two ways to check that I know of:  you can go to a site that you know is blocked by OpenDNS (and see if it’s blocked); or you can go to the OpenDNS website, go through the setup instructions, and then there is a page that tells you if you’re using it.

There are probably more sophisticated ways to tell which DNS service you’re using, but the above is what I’ve always done with success. My old Motorola router was easy to change… just type in the OpenDNS servers IP address and reboot. Worked everytime. 

Edit:  Oh, just remembered a very excellent tool that shows the DNS servers your system is using (and evaluates them). It’s the DNS Benchmark tool written by Steve Gibson at (free).