How to set up external/remote access to MyBook/MyCloud using OPlayer HD with iPad

Greetings everyone !

I seem to have a slight problem and would welcome help please ?

I have 2 NAS drives connected to my desktop, a MyCloud and a MyBook. They have different content but I’d like to be able to access both of them remotely/externally on my iPad when I’m out & about but I can’t seem to be able to configure my router/OPlayer HD app to allow me to do this. I’d be really grateful if someone could take the time to walk me through the various steps I need to take so that I can do this please ? (eg. How do I find the external IP address for each NAS drive, how do I set up the router (a Virgin super hub 3) so that it allocates separate ports for each NAS as it looks like the OPlayer app needs this to happen), etc.

I apologise if I’m asking for basic stuff but I’ve run into a dead end with my level of technical expertise so I was hoping someone on here might be prepared to help me out.

Thanks in advance for the help,

To find your external IP address you can goto .

OR you can get a domain name that relates to your external IP address at , so if your modems address changes you can just goto your domain and it’ll connect.

For instructions of how to port forward on your vigrinmedia superhub , try looking at this…

You don’t allocate different external IP addresses , you allocate different external ports which point to the LAN IP address and those ports of your NAS.

So if your device needs ports 80 and 443 to work , you fort forward 9443 to port 443 and 9080 to port 80 on your NAS LAN IP address for example.

How you access your MyBook would depend on how / where it’s connected to , your PC or your MyCloud.

that’s really helpful “Wullai”, I’ll give that a try over the next few days and let you know how I get on - cheers !

Hi there again, I’ve just watched the video and found my external IP address, but I’m not sure how to find the ports for my “MyBook” and “My Cloud” NAS drives - both are hard wire connected to my router so I guess I need to go into the “WD dashboard” (which I can access via my desktop) to find the ports they use ?

This is where I got to the last time I tried it, but it looked like they used the same port and the OPlayer app only allows you to use the same port number once, so I had to pick which router I wanted to be able to access at any given time rather than having them both permanently enabled for access ?

You assign different external ports for each cloud dwvice, but, in the router port forwarding control page, you forward one pair of ports to one cloud, and athe other pair to the other cloud. The router will forward the traffic to the correct device, based on the MAC address/name of the device the forwarding rule has been applied to.


external -> internal -> device
8080 -> 80 -> MyCloud1
8443 -> 443 -> MyCloud1
9080 -> 80 -> MyCloud2
9443 -> 443 -> MyCloud2

ok, I’ve just tried to set up port forwarding so I can connect externally to my local network (if my iPad is connected to my local network via WiFi, the same one that my NAS drives are on, no problem), but for some reason, I can only set up a SAMBA connection on OPlayer using port 139 and my router won’t let me portforward to port 139 (it says it’s a reserved port) - any thoughts ?