How to set up auto back up with WD Elements Hard Drive?

Hi. I have had to purchase a new laptop with Windows 10 as my old one crashed. I now have a WD Elements Hard drive back up and need to know to set it to do auto back up from my files please. Can’t find any information. Thanks.

Hi @wendy1 - Your post was in the “Forum Feedback” board - I moved it to the appropriate section of the Community.

Regarding your issue: The WD Elements is a bare-basic drive that does not come with any backup software. You can use Windows File History to do a backup using the tools built into the OS, or you can optionally purchase and use a third party application.

The article below is for Windows 8, but the steps should be similar in Windows 10.

thanks for your help Scott. Have turned on File History and will check that it works ok.