How to set up 2 external drives on WD TV SMP (using usb on SMP)

I  have been searching for an answer for this for several hours but can not find it.

I have recently conneced via usb, a 2nd 3TB hard drive to my SMP.

I have most of my movies on one 3TB Drive and about 25 percent of my movies on the 2nd hard drive.

My question is how can I get all the movies to show up together on the SMP, as of now I have to switch hard drives.

Both hard drives are movies (MKV).

Thanks guys

i dont thnk there is away for the drives to be seen as one since they re one two separate ports bes way is to go with a network attached storage  one were you can ad your own drives and the do a non destructive raid j.o.b just a bunch of disk the issue is you have all ready made the drive seprate and any o.s will see them as sepreat the second issue is the wdtv is going to have a fit with the 3 tb drive i am haveing issue with large drive in fact i would srongly recomend that you do not use the 3 tb drive directly with the wdtv least it kill the drive  now wd may have fixed the issue how ever whty take the chance beside i have been told that the devices do not support hard drives

That is the purpose of the Media library—to consolidate all you sources into one location for display and selection.  You can see and access your attached storage devices and any local network shares via the library