How to set drive label?

I see elsewhere on this board that with My Passport Elite, the SmartDrive software allows you to set the “drive label.” I assume that is the name that appears in SmartDrive and in Windows for the drive.

I have 3 drives that I rotate and it woudl be nice to name each one. But I don’t see a button in SmartDrive or instructions in the manual to remane the drive. Can anyone point me the right direction?

I also have some My Passport  Essential. Can I change thier name too?


The drive label is for the lcd on the drive itself.  To change it, you must install Smartware and then go into drive settings.  You should find the label settings in there.  Once you finish changing the labels, you can uninstall Smartware.

What are the issues in downloading the software if I just want to use this to label and password protect the system without using the backup part of the software?



Thanks, Wayne. I think I figured it out now: The “drive label” is for the LCD display, as you say. And that display is only on the My Book drives, not on the smaller My Passport drives that I have. No wonder I can’t find the button:wink:.

I still wonder if there is a way to name the drive like you do for regular hard drives. I put adhesive labels on the outside of course. But it would be nice it the drive displayed “My Passport #1” on the SmartWare screens. Guess that’s not possible.