How to set DHCP IP range (N600)

I can’t for the life of me find anywhere to speciy DHCP settings. Can someone help me? Thanks.

Advanced Settings / LAN / DHCP Server Settings.  There’s a field for DHCP IP Address Range there.

Thanks. I thought I got it all figured out. But… I set its IP to and then it reboots. Then for some reason it’s defaulting to Can someone chime in, please?

The n900 addy cannot be inside the lan ip range. The reason for the reset is due to this. Using 253 is also close to 255, if your lan ip is starting at 254 and has 20 ips it is illegal also

Thanks for the response. Apparently my knowhow on setting these up is far worse than I thought.

So when you say IP range, do you mean to skip my range altogerther? If so, what would be an example?


What firmware version is on your N600?

I was able to set my LAN IP to with no issues on my N600 with FW v1.04.16.

What is the WAN/Internet IP address of this router?

In this router you can set the LAN (Gateway) IP address inside the DHCP pool range. The DHCP server should simply not serve the IP address of the gateway.

olly666 wrote:

Thanks for the response. Apparently my knowhow on setting these up is far worse than I thought.


So when you say IP range, do you mean to skip my range altogether? If so, what would be an example?


There are two items here…

  1. There is an IP address for the router itself, to be used to remotely access it and also t oact as the gateway (lets keep it simple)

  2. A IP range for your devices to connect to the router (The Range).  This range can just be a range with or without DHCP.  DHCP is automatic addressing, I would suggest that you turn this on unless you are a guru.

The below example is for reference only.  The key here is the router IP addy cannot be inside the range

Router IP =

Lan IP Range = - (Max of 255 is the highest, some routers will do 255, but some do not like it

Subnet = (This means any device must have the first three sections 192.168.1 and the last section is adjustable from 0 to 255 and is the unique identifier on the network)  This is the easiest config to use.

Wait why can’t the gateway be within the DHCP range? It’s not conventional but the router should know and not assign that IP address to any host. .255 wouldn’t be assigned in a /24 network since its reserved as the broadcast address.

The router is exactly that… A route-er

It will use the DHCP range whatever to whatever and ROUTE that information to the gateway address.  Which will then be pushed through the firewall, nats, etc… To reach the wan port.  Remember this can only happen if the gateway address is not playing IP hopscotch in the DHCP range by automatically being set.

If the gateway is inside the range it might not work due to the being assigned (never tried), it could work if the router is smart enough, but I have never done it like that.  I am not saying it cannot be done, I am simply stating a simple config for a user that simply wants it to work with his small home network.

I have doubts of the N900 intelligence when these types of scenarios exist, this is due to it having a fan that never works.  My confidence in its intelligence is almost zero.

I am simple, I try to keep things simple, therefore my network works (when the N900 is not locked up).  I have 2 AP’s plus the N900 in router mode, with a USB printer, USB HDD’s, 1 PC hardwired, XBOX, XBOX 360, WII, Tablets, Phones, 2 Laptops, 3 VPN connections, and tons of data streaming and you know what?  My network works due to all devices being inside the DHCP range of the main router, the main gateway is out.  The other AP’s gateways are inside of the Main N900 DHCP as well and only using the LAN ports on these AP’s.  The OP has a broken network that does not work.  By giving the OP a fighting chance with simple explanations, his chances or success are great.

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