How to send a damaged HDD / Great WD support

Hi there, first time poster over here!

First of all, let me congratulate Western Digital for great support! I had a problem with a WD HDD and after creating my RMA I got a new one in a very few days. I could reinstall my system and start working quite fast. Also, communications were very fast and they seem to work a lot to let their customers happy. Well, they are doing it!

I understood that after I left a deposit with my credit card I would not be charged if I sent the damaged HDD to them. Thing is, I have no idea what address should I use or in what conditions they want the package to be sent in. I searched on the website, but I thought it would be quicker to ask here.

Thanks in advance!


For Portugal you should use the address listed below:

Spain and Portugal
Western Digital Collection Center
C/o CEVA Logistics España S.L.
Pol.Industrial Dehesa de la Plata, 1
Parcela P9
45340 Ontígola

Keep in mind to write down the RMA number on at least 3 sides of the box. You can find all the necesary information to complete the RMA process in your RMA-Premailer. Click the link below to see it:

Hi sorry to butt in but just to make sure I also put a paper inside the box with your RMA number name and address on just to make sure they find it.