How to select video quality in Youtube?


I found that there is no way to select the video quality while playing a video from youtube.

While playing video through Normal youtube, it somehow automatically chooses the quality as per the internet connection speed and the video plays smoothly without stopping in between for buffering

But while using youtube leanback, it plays the same video in higher quality and hence it stops many a times in between to buffer. I am not able to make use of youtube leanback due to this.

Any inputs are appreciated.

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As far as I know HD youtube videos are only available from the youtube website, so only the SD version of the videos are vailable from the WDTV.

There might be many video qualities available for a video like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. so, the first three are three settings avaialble for a SD Content. and I have seen that Youtube Leanback plays videos at 480p while normal youtube application plays that at 360p.