How to select all photos on iPhone to upload for backup to My Cloud

I’ve got the app on my iPhone and it automatically uploaded photos to My Cloud, I didn’t delect where on the phone to go.
However, it’s only selected a random selection of them and only a small fraction.

How do I review and edit where it goes to back them up?

Hello there,

Once you are on the location that the pictures are, do you see a select all option to upload to the My cloud?

Do you mean on my mobile device looking at the my cloud app?
I didn’t select anything it just did it automatically.
Not sure how you select photos and their locations.
Can you explain?

IMPORTANT: for very large uploads (such as a complete and full iOS Camera Roll,) the iPhone/iPad Auto-Lock control needs to be set at a high value (meaning, set to Never,) BEFORE the upload begins, or else Auto-Lock will likely time out, step in, and shut down the
iPhone/iPad, and your uploading will stop before it completes.
(WD Support says Auto-Lock is a battery-saving design feature of iOS devices.)

Also, for large uploads, have a fully charged iOS device, and keep My Cloud app in the foreground during uploading.

Be sure when all is completely finished to put your Auto-Lock control back to where you had it set (at 5 minutes or under).

Subsequent auto-uploads may not require resetting Auto-Lock if only a few items are uploaded.

I have been told by WD Support that Android devices do not have this issue.

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