How to select a folder to scan and stream movies


I’ve got folders with backups of my PC with Videos etc. I also have a Movie folder which I want to use to stream movies to my tv over wifi. How do I get my tv to only scan the Movie folder?


The complete manual for the MPW will give you info. You can not connect MPW directly to TV by USB connection, I believe. So you need to make the MPW accessible to the TV so TV can see the folders, You need to have your MPW connected to your router, wirelessly. In the manual, it is referred to as connecting to the internet. Your internet is in your router, and in actuality when you connect MPW for internet, you do so by connecting to your router.

If your TV can see your PC on the home network, you can also connect MPW to PC and also see the MPW contents on TV and play the movies. A good understanding of home networks is helpful here.