How to Search My Cloud with Finder / Spotlight on Mac OS?

Mac OS X Mavericks

WD MyCloud 2Tb

How to Search the NAS?

I find that whenever I try and Search the NAS Volumes using the Mac OSX Finder Search / Spotlight then it just gives me nothing. No results whatsoever. 

Does search from Windows OS work ok?

Is there a local search function or Index that one can use on the NAS?

Is there any way to do a sort of “Local Search” directly on the WD My Cloud itself ?  - Isn’t it really slow to search through Tbs of Data even on Windows if you are connected to your WD MyCloud via WiFi?

Its basically a little computer - I don’t understand why it couldn’t just do the search locally?

Is it possible to Telnet or Terminal style login to the WD My Cloud ?

On a Windows Computer, you can search the shares of the NAS. On Apple, there are many discussions on Spotlight 's lack of indexing of mounted shares. You will have to do further research.

You can SSH into the NAS. SSH needs to be enabled in the NAS UI. Download Putty, for example to access through SSH.