How to search for CVE?

I just received a safety bulletin regarding CVE-2021-44142, which is a SMB vulnerability.
For now I have turned off SMB completely on my MyCloud as Google reports that WD MyCloud OS5 is vulnerable.

I went online to search for this CVE nothing found.

Is there some way I can search WD KB to see if this CVE has already been addressed in a patch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I certainly don’t want to keep SMB off as it defeats the purpose of this device.

WD lists some information here:

In particular this specific posting about CVE-2021-44142:

One can also check the firmware read me notes which I think also lists what CVE’s were patched.

Thanks! I guess this update was included in the Mar 22 update.

Yes, one should read the release notes for their firmware to see what security vulnerabilites patched. For example: