How to safely shutdown MyCloud


Just purchased a 3TB WD MyCloud and can’t find a way to turn it off. I want to leave it on 24/7 but would like to move it to a different part of the house.

When I got to the settings the only option I have is to reboot.



Which My Cloud version do you have? The v2.x firmware version or the v4.x firmware version?

For the v4.x firmware versions there are two locations where there is a Shutdown option in the Dashboard:

If one is using the WD Access program there is also a shutdown option within that program’s task bar icon.

For the v2.x firmware My Cloud units it appears there is a bug in the firmware and the shutdown option is missing from the Dashboard. There is further discussion on the v2.x problem in the following thread including how the v2.x My Cloud User Manual indicates in two separate places a shutdown button but their graphics don’t actually show it.

One may be able to use SSH to issue the shutdown command, its what I do rather than log into my v4.x version My Cloud. The thread above goes into some discussion on how to use SSH to shut down or reboot a My Cloud.

Thank you for your reply.

It seems I have v2 of the firmware so that’s why I am missing they shutdown button. I’m guess the v4 firmware is for other MyCloud devices?

I’ll be able to SSH for now as I hopefully wont be turning it off again!

Thanks again.

To add to the other ways, one may be able to use Quick View, if they have it, to shutdown their device. See image below.


The v4.x firmware is for the first generation of single bay My Cloud, the second generation (newer) single bay My Cloud use v2.x firmware.

Hi guys.
I bought this week a 4tb mycloud.
I found some issues.
First of all, and the most important.
I haven’t the possibility to shutdown the mycloud via web interface. It is usefull for me to shutdown it via smartphone.
I found in this forum that is a mistake of the version 2 of the firmware.

First question:
Is it true that the version 4 is older than the version 2? Because I tried to manually upgrade the firmware from the version 2 to 4 and an error occurred.

Second question:
I still found in this forum a partial solution for the correct shutdown. The shutdown button is simply hidden, but with a quick change of the source code it appears.
But I didn’t find the way to save this change. Someone found it?
I share the images I found to explain this partial solution.

Thanks all.

The two version are not compatible with each other as far as firmware and some functionality. Gen1 are firmware and Gen2 are firmware Gen1 runs Debian Wheezy and Gen2 runs Busybox.

As SectorGZ indicates the two firmware versions, the older gen 1 v3.x/v4.x firmware is not compatible with the newer gen 2 v2.x My Cloud units. WD decision to use v2.x for the gen 2 My Cloud’s has created MUCH confusion among many who think that they have an older My Cloud because the firmware starts with v2.x.

Yes one possible solution to the v2.x missing shutdown button as explained in another thread ( is to use a web browser to change the behind the scene’s coding (CSS) for the page. Problem, as you found, is the change does not persist once made. If the page reloads the button reverts to being hidden. One could attempt to change the CSS coding within the firmware using SSH, which would most likely fix the issue and allow the button visibility to be persistent when the page is loaded or reloaded.

Hi guys.

Many thanks…

Ok about the firmware number (very unlucky decision I think, but it’s ok…)

About the shutdown.
My idea was exaclty the same of Bennor’s.
I searched the html/css file with SSH into the firmware files, but I didn’t find anything.
Could someone help me to find something?
I think that the web interface is under the /web directory, but it’s inaccessible (or I’m not able to do it).
Beyond this point, I’m able to make the necessary changes…

I don’t have a v2.x My Cloud so I don’t know if the file locations listed below are the same. But for v4.x firmware the Dashboard HTML code initally lists the following three CSS files:


On the v4.x they are located in the following directories:


. Note I used WinSCP to access the My Cloud via SSH and view/copy the CSS files to my local PC.


under the path var/www/htdocs there is anything about UI
I must search better the correct path…

help me how to shutdown WD my cloud 4TB ? latest firmware 2.30.165.
No shutdown menu in dashboard and WD Access

As explained upthread and in numerous other discussion on the lack of the Dashboard shutdown in v2.x firmware for the single bay My Cloud units one can use (I think) WD Quick View ( to shut down a v2.x single bay My Cloud. One can apparently also use SSH to issue the shutdown command to the v2.x version and can use a web browser hack of the My Cloud Dashboard to shut down the v2.x version.

Yeah, how about that shutdown command … on version 2.x firmware.


One CANNOT apparently use SSH to run the shutdown command on 2.x firmware.

This is the only official (no hack) way to perform a proper shutdown:

Download and install WD Quick View using the above link.

One can apparently use SSH to issue the 'halt" command to shut down a v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud. There is much discussion on the v2.x shutdown via SSH and other methods in the following thread:

Correct. As previously mentioned up thread using WD Quick View is the current way to shut down a v2.x single bay My Cloud unit. WD even has a Knowledgebase article covering how to shut down the single bay My Cloud models.

There is much confusion on shutting down the single bay My Cloud units due to the different methods to shut down the first gen v4.x My Cloud and the second gen v2.x My Cloud. The v2.x single bay My Cloud no longer has a shutdown (or hibernate) option in the My Cloud Dashboard. And while the v4.x My Cloud can be shut down using WD Access, the v2.x My Cloud can be shut down using WD Quick View. Then there is the issue that the two My Cloud models use different firmware which means the SSH commands to shut down the older v4.x My Cloud does not work on the newer v2.x My Clouds.

Incorrect, and I showed visual proof that the shutdown command is not even available on the 2.x firmware.

There is much circular logic discussion with people pointing to other people saying other people are doing it, yet not confirming the actual firmware version. People with 4.x firmware can do it, but not those with 2.x firmware.

Again, the people saying it can be done are only those with 4.x firmware.

Let’s stop the rumors and check the facts. I showed above that the shutdown command is not even available on the 2.x firmware single drive My Cloud.

Why Western Digital left out the shutdown option from the GUI is the question/concern here though.

BusyBox does not even have the command:

Rather odd …

Not sure who calls the script. But the gen2 firmware 2.30.165 has a /usr/sbin/ script.