How to safely DELETE data from WD MyBookLive backuped using WD SmartWare Version 2.0.x and later?

So the question is above. MyBookLive totally cluttered with films and backups, and I see that there are data that not needed. How to delete them with all versions?

Deleting the content within the dedicated WD SmartWare share should suffice. However, this will result in WD SmartWare starting over a completely new backup from scratch.

So I just need to uncheck all folders in my WD SmWare backup plan and then delete files from share?


Ok, thank you

I’m not sure if it worked properly. After deleting WD SmW shows that WD MBL have now free space but also shows that 154.1 GB of space still used for my backup. Amount is the same that was before deleting.

It means the application has not scanned the unit for changes. If backup size is not normalized, then stop and start the backup.

I did it. And made reset of the backuped computer. Nothing changed.