How to rollback to previous firmware?

Is there a way to roll back to previous firmware? I have the 256GB WD Black m.2 SSD and everything was fine until I decided to update the firmware. Now the SSD is constantly overheating and throttling, even during light loads such as web browsing or installing a program or game… This was not a problem before updating the firmware as temps were 20c lower before the update.

Pre-firmware update: 40c idle - 60c load
Post-firmware update: 60c idle, 80c load = overheating and throttling.

I have not change any fan or component configurations in my case so airflow is the same as it always has been. Is it possible to roll back to previous firmware? I have the WD Dashboard utility downloaded but do not see an option to roll back, nor can I find an option to download manually on the website.


FW downgrade is not supported.