How to rollback from firmware 01.02.17?


I searched in the forum without finding the subject who speaks about rollback from  firmware 01.02.17 for the WD media player , someone might give us the steps?


No such firmware as.2.01.17  there is however … 1.02.17

If you’re thinking rolling back to 1.01.30 … i don’t think that will solve your high bitrate mp4 problem

in fact, it will probably make it worse (un-playable)

Remember, there was a bug which prevented some mp4’s from refusing to play at all. (which they fixed in 1.02.17)

But anyways, if you wanna give it go … by all means,-wd-tv-live


Here’s my user friendly guide


1. small flashdrive (2,4,8 GB) formatted FAT32 … completely empty


2. download rollback firmware:


3. extract all 4 files onto the root of the flashdrive ie. No Folders


so you should only have these on the flashdrive







4. Before inserting the flashdrive … check the detect New Firmware setting is “On”

Setup > System > Auto Detect New Firmware > On


5. Power off the WDTV (Press and hold Standby button for 5 seconds … switch off at the mains power)


6. “Safely Remove” the flashdrive from your PC and insert it into the front or rear usb input on the WDTV


7. Power On the WDTV


8. New Firmware should now be detected “New Firmware” notification will appear in the Home Menu. Press OK.

(it will say 4.01.30don’t worry, ignore it)  … press OK to proceed)


9. wait until finished  (it can take 7 several minutes … it should not take longer than 10-15 min)


10. It’s also recommended after a Firmware Rollback (or upgrade) to do a Factory Reset

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default


11.when finished (optional) disable the New Firmware notification

Setup > System > Auto Detect New Firmware > Off

I rolled back to 1.10.13, works like a charm, I’m not touching the firmware from here on, WDTV player is the best player for local files, it’s the worst for apps, they don’t even have ESPN, every player has ESPN! Anyway, I bought the Amazon Fire Stick, only $20, I use that for apps, and WDTV for my video files.