How to rip BluRay 3D to WD Hub?

First: is it possible for the Hub to play 3D?

Second: I use BD Info and TsMuxer (Anydvd running in background).

Third:  Can Tony or someone else explain in simple language how to do it, assuming it can be done?  

Thx guys!

First, no.

Second, no question there.

Third, assuming you mean rip 3D BD discs, no it can’t…not yet.

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Thank you for your reply.  It is much appreciated.


First: is it possible for the Hub to play 3D?

Answer: YES it Can play 3D Movies

I have about 25 Movies in Mkv format, Resolution 1920x1080, Half SBS(Side-by-Side) and OU(Over-and-Under)

All of them play Fine on the Hub and watching them on a Panasonic 3D TV.

Full 3D SBS … Resolution 3840x1040 unfortunatly wont play

How are you ripping these 3D BD discs to mkv format? What software are you using?

Lots of info and some software for ripping 3D Bluray to Mkv out there, if you are into that sort of thing

I’m sorry but I don’t find your reply very helpful.  Why not provide links to these so-called sources that you mention.  It would be much appreciated.

Here’s a helpful link:

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Thank you, Tony–and the rest of the gang–for your support.  I am, at this moment, running the trial version.  I want to make sure it works before I shell out the money.  It does seem easy enough to set up.  I’ll let you guys know in a couple of hours whether it does the job.

I appreciate everyone’s responses.

Well, I’ve tried the “trial” version and tried to rip two different BD 3Ds. The first failed within 15 minutes, and the second failed 6 minutes before finish.  It may be that I am doing something wrong, so if anyone has any suggestions, I be grateful.


ok… how about this.

I think this should get you to where you need to be

if this helps



I think it’ll do the job for BDs but it doesn’t seem to recognize BD 3Ds.  Thanks, though.  All you guys are getting kudos from me.

Tony, your solution (DVDFab) works–at least for TinTin.  I tried two others without success, but I think I made some errors during this learning process.  Thanks so much to you and the others.  This is a great forum and I respect its members very much.