How to return this to the store

Does anyone know how I can return this WD live to the store that I bought it from?  They will ask why I am returning it and technically it works but not as it should.  How can I say gimme my money back cause it doesn’t do what it says in the description…

It’s either that or flog it on ebay…

Depending on where you bought it from, and how long it’s been ( 30 day guarantee usually )

A simple link to these forums to showcase all the known issues for this device will warrant a refund. :wink:

I plan on returning mine as well, and will say that there are too many issues such as audio out of sync, wireless devices not connecting, the device not supporting codecs IT IS supposed to, etc, etc,

Unless you’re trolling I’m not sure why you’d even ask this question.

You can return almost ANY electronic device to almost ANY STORE (at least in the U.S.) as long as it’s within a reasonable period of time and the only thing you need do is say “it doesn’t work for me”.  Even stores which have technical staff (like Best Buy – ESPECIALLY Best Buy) don’t really care except to fill out a line on their form.  

I’ve returned dozens of various devices and never had an issue – no one will grill you, you don’t have to have proof, because in this very complicated world we live in there’s no way any device can possibly satisfied or work with the expectations of so many tens of thousands of different setups. 

I only wish I had returned my AppleTV within the right time period – the Live is so much more amazing I ended up buying another one  (speaking of which, if you actually CAN’T return your product and do end up eBaying it be sure to post here and let us know, as I can really use another).

Same thing - plan on returning mine also. Just too bug ridden.

It’s been returned.  The girl was really good about it, she had had someone else return one with the same problem.

Mini ITX computer has been ordered and it will have XBMC on it by the end of the weekend.  :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Can you PM me details on which mini-computer you ended up ordering, I’m seeking other alternatives at the moment, until the Boxee box comes out! :wink:

In South Africa each store has a different return policy.

Some give a 30 day cash back, no questions asked, only if packaging is complete.

Others have a 7 day swop out, no cash back, after 7 days the warranty is applicable.

I bought my WD online, fortunately I am satisfied with its capabilities.