How to retrieve pictures

I’m having one hard time trying to figure out where my pictures went. I’m not that computer smart but I want to ensure that my pics are in fact in the WD device before I delete most of them off my mac. In plain language, can someone explain this to me and how do I go about finding certain pics on the external drive. I’m really frustrated, earlier tonight I lost about 500 pics out of iPhoto and have no idea where they are or what I did.

Thanks for any help offered.


I don’t know about Macs. How did you backup? Remember never trust important data to just one drive no matter who makes it internal or external. A backup is 2 copied in different places. A lot of people here have moved all of their pics and other important data to the external then had a problem and lost it. If you need to free up space use 2 drives or one drive and an online service like Carbonite.