How to retrieve old backups with a new PC?

I have a MyCloudMirror with over 200 GB of backup. I had to change my PC and now I can’t retrieve all these files with Smartware. I still see the files in the Retrieve window, but they are all marked as “deleted” (struck through).I suspect that Smartware denies access because I’m on a new PC, although I have made sure the new system has the same name as the old one (does that matter anyway?)
Despite searching this forum, I haven’t found a solution, so maybe this isn’t a general problem and I’m just going the wrong way.

Try manually copying the content of the WD SmartWare share within your WD My Cloud Mirror. You are able to map it.

Files will not be encrypted. You should be able to place them in the location of your preference.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, that works! However it defeats the purpose of a “Smart” backup program if it is unable to retrieve data when one changes the PC.

WD SmartWare was designed to restore files into the original location in case of accidental data loss. The original location does not exist in a different computer. As such, the software allows for manual extraction in case of a general data migration.