How to restore to new hard drive

Hi, I used Backup Anywhere to create backups on myWorldBook drive.  I just replaced the defective hard drive on my computer, and reloaded Windows7.  How can I restore some of the backed up  files from the WorldBook to my computer?  AnyWhere Restore keeps asking for the backup plan.  Is that on the WorldBook drive somewhere?  What is the filed named or stored in?

which my book world do you have?  (white light or blue ring)

which folder  did you backup to?

I have same problem–need to restore files to a new hard drive.  I have the My Book World 10000H1NC.  I had the old hard drive backed up continuously with a Backup Plan but I don’t see how I can “restore” when there are no Backup Plans on the new hard drive.  I have to reinstall the My Book software to get the computer to even recognize the network drive.  Manual says nothing.

Also having the same issue, or rather, a client of mine is. Accounting and CAD files all stored on an inaccessible WD MyBook World ed.

I tried accessing it via Recovery Mode, which I advise you to do:

*unplug everything in the back of the WD,

*Press the recovery-button in the back with a paperclip;

*continue pressing it while plugging in the power and ethernet (may be a little tricky; wedge against something if need be), wait 10 seconds

*release recovery button

After this is done (to my understanding), you should be able to access the book via the Discovery tool.

However, this didn’t work for me.

Sorry–I did not explain my problem clearly.  It’s not the hard drive with the WD device (My Book World) that crashed–it was the hard drive on my laptop.  I had been regularly backing up the laptop using the automatic backup.  I reinstalled the WD software on the new laptop hard drive, and was told by someone at WD that I could go to “View and Restore”  and get all the files back from the WD Backup to the new hard drive on the laptop.  Problem is: I cannot find any “view and restore” option on the Discovery or Backup programs.  So I am at a loss as to how to use the WD hardware and software to actually restore what I lost when the laptop hard drive crashed.  And that is what I thought I was buying the WD device for in the first place!