How to restore MyCloud backup to non-WD device

I’ve been using the “synchronize” type backup to an external usb drive. Would I need to do anything special to get the backed up data from the external usb drive to a non-WD NAS? Or is it just a copy/paste from the usb to any new drive?

Depends on the non WD device. Generally it would be a copy and paste or drag and drop using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. However some NAS services (like Synolgy) have a built in file manager app within the administration interface that allows for direct copying within the NAS. Some NAS units also have an automatic copy feature to copy data from a USB device attached to the NAS to a location on the NAS hard drive.

Thanks. I guess I was thinking of a scenario where a non-WD device wouldn’t recognize the backup format or the data, but it sounds like that probably won’t be the case?