How to restore My Passport Essential SE to factory condition

I recently purchased a WD My Passport Essential SE 500GB USB3 external hard drive.  After Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit failed to load drivers, I opened the HD from My Computer and from the files included in the HD loaded the correct drivers OK.  However, when I next ran “Quick Format”, after running for awhile it said it had failed to format.  Wha’s more the HD icon had disappeared from My Computer.

By using Windows Disk Management I was able to locate the HD, create a disk, create a partition within the disk and format it so the HD now worked again.  But I’ve lost all the files and the auto load option when I use it on another PC. It’s worth noting that when I first created a partition within the disk, I used the whole available space and the format failed.  Eventually I found a work around by creating a partition within the disk that only occupied about 80% of the free space.  This partition formatted OK and then I used MS Disk Management to increase the size of the patition so it occupied all the free space.

Can you advise how to restore My Passport Essential SE back to the factory condition?

You can’t restore it to factory conditions because there is no such setting or management tool for that. What you can do is to go to WD’s site and you’ll find the original content of the drive before formatting, but any special “configuration” won’t be back.

A ShareSpace, MyBook Live and MyBook World can be set to factory defaults because they have a management operating system inside, but not the Passport line.