How to Restore from Recycle Bin

Hello, After an very nasty upgrade to OS5 that left my PR4100 indexing for over a month and performing thermal shutdowns, a couple TB of my files are gone from a share/directory. Fortunately, I can see them sitting in a recycle bin directory when I access the NAS in Windows Explorer. My question is: How to I restore them to the original share/directory? I see no magic button in the UI. I don’t want to copy them back using Windows Explorer on my laptop since that will likely tie up my laptop for weeks. I could ssh in and manually copy them back at the command line but I’m sure that’s not the official way and I don’t want to screw up any indexing and start that fiasco over again.

Looking for the official answer for restoring from the recycle bin via the NAS’ UI. Thank you!

You can use WinSCP to move files between SMB shares and the Recycle bin on the NAS is simply a directory. Moving lots of data using WinSCP within the NAS is more or less instant.