How to restore data from My Book to slave drive -- it can't be as bad as this looks!

My slave drive, on which I store documents, music, and photos died.  No problem, because I back everything up on the My Book.  (I use whatever software came with the WD and it backs up every day.  I don’t really understand what it does or how it works!).

After installing the new slave drive, I looked at the data on the WD, seeing only zip files with daily dates, I decided not to mess with it and took it to my local computer guy to restore the data.

I expected to find the same file directory structure restored on the new slave drive, but instead I’m finding random dates and folders.  Some folders have only one file or image (possibly the only work that was done on a certain day?)  I called the computer store this morning but the guy who did the work is out until Monday.

I need to know what to do about this, and can my documents be retrieved?  Can I restore the file directories as they were originally?  Help help!


I hope this isn’t bad news for me.

I’m going through the knowledge base looking for answers.  Using their guides, I’ve found the WD SmartWare program and was looking through the “retrieval” process.  From what I can see, all of this time the drive has only been backing up my C drive . . . not the E drive which was my slave drive – the whole reason why I purchased this WD ED to begin with.

Is there any possibility that data I saved daily to the E drive was actually backed up in some way I’m not seeing?  At this point I don’t recall details about installing the external drive and software, but I do remember being given a choice about what type of files I wanted backed up.  Everything seemed to go smoothly.  I certainly understood where I kept my photos, music, and documents, and that was specifically what I wanted backed up. 

Should I assume there is no hope except expensive data-recovery from the dead drive?

I am sending a link to a program that i have used for various things that worked good for me.


It has backup, Restore,  Clone, Etc.

Give it a try and see if it will help. Good Luck

The name of the software is EaseUS Todo Backup