How to restore a WD MBL Safepoint to a WD My Cloud EX2?

I had a WD My Book Live so far but its HD died two days ago. Fortunately i have a recent Safepoint on an external HD. Now i bought a WD My Cloud EX2, expecting that i can easily restore my data from the Safepoint - but i don’t find such an option in the web UI. I found this article:

…but my UI looks a bit different:

I’d really prefer to restore from that Safepoint and not to manually copy files around, because on one hand i’m concerned to mess with Windows file permissions and on the other hand special characters in file names within the Safepoint folders are wrongly encoded (for example “Fünf.jpg” instead of “Fünf.jpg”).

How can i restore that Safepoint? Has support for Safepoints discontinued and i have to downgrade to an earlier version of the My Cloud OS?

Any help appreciated.

The WD My Book Live and the WD My Cloud device family are vastly different in features, behavior, and operating system. I am not aware if you are able to process a cross-platform Safepoint recovery.