How to reset web UI password? I have SSH root access

I have forgot the “owner password” asked on web UI login. I still have login to root through SSH. Is it possible to reset the “owner password” with the root account? How to do this? 

Just push the reset button in on the back of the drive for 5-10 seconds

What does the button do? I have setup quite some other things, like SSH account and software through the apt-get.

It runs the script which just resets the web password and SSH password

# © 2010 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
# This is called by resetbtnd whenever the reset button has met the criteria for a reset. This script implements the actions for the reset button.

logger "reset button pressed, invoking reset actions"

# remove owner password
owner=`` ${owner}

# set root password back to default
echo "root:welc0me" | chpasswd 

# set network to dhcp


Thanks. Let me try. 

It’s done. Thanks. 

No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

How do I know that the unit re-set? I have placed a tip of a small pencil in the reset botton hole, and it sounds likes its doing something, but how do I know it re-sets? should the color of the lights change? help!

yes, hold the button for 5-10 seconds and let go. The drive will reboot so yes the LED will change colors

If you did not want to reset network settings or change root password, do the following:

ssh as user root



#  Note that backticks are used in the command , not single quotes

Go to the UI and it’ll let you in like a breeze.

On the contrary, if you’d forgotten the root password and hadn’t set up public key authentication, the RESET button is probably all what you have.

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