How to reset Twonky user/password on mycloudex2 ultra

Since the upgrade to OS5 and the use of twonky server, I cant remember the admin username and password to log in to change the twonky server settings.

I did a ‘system only’ restore to default but this didnt fix it and still asked me for a login when i tried. I suspect a full wipe would sort the problem but this would of course remove all my data which i dont really want to do as it will take days to transfer everything back across again.

I have read about using SSH to get into the settings and change the config file however I am not a pro and have never done anything like this before so i would need very detailed instructions.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can fix this? If there was a detailed SSH guide somewhere i guess i could give it a try…
Thank you!

The steps are located in the article 30063 or you can delete the entire .twonkymedia directory per article 30285.

Twonky Requesting Username and Password

Answer ID 30063

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

Answer ID 30285