How To Reset Meta Source With Old Firmware? Downgraded and lost ability to get content info

I’m hoping another forum member might actually be able to help me resolve this one . . . as opposed to my normal messages.

I recently upgraded to 3.10.09 to see if the DVD cover art issue was fixed.

I found that it was not fixed, and downgraded to 2.07.17 (last build where it still works).

Now on 2.07.17, all attempts to “Get Content Info” Fail (not a network or DNS issue - have another unit on the same network that has never been updated and does not share the same issue).

Is there a way to reset the meta source on 2.07.17?

Have you tried to reset the unit back to factory default? See page 200 of the manual for more information.


I didn’t have to deal with it.  The 3.11.10 firmware fixed my issue, so I upgraded, and my content is now working.