How to rescan the media library

ive put a file on my nas to watch but the file wont show in My Media Library but the previous file i put on my NAS is still there and plays fine, how can i rescan the media library. thanks for your help people…

Navigate to the folder containing the new file;  then click OPTIONS -> RESCAN

im not getting the rescan option, i just get Move, Copy, Delete Add to Media Library and select Multiple

i can navigate to the folder and play the file from there its an ISO but on every folder getting to the file never shows a rescan option. Im stuck, please help…

Try going back one level. So you are on the folder rather than in it.


Is the CONTENT SOURCE actually set to “My Media Library?”

tried all folders mate an no luck, ive added the folder on my nas to my media library because i already have one file from my nas thats showing in media library but im stuck with this second file… i think i know what u mean TONY

Settings\ System\Media Library\Clear Media Library