How to replace the 2 hard drives inside a 2014 G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 - 8TO?

Hey Guys,

Will 2X Seagate 8To or 10To hard drives fit into my 8To G-RAID thunderbolt 2 case ? (Bought in 2014)
Is there a limited size for this type of case ? Do I need a firmware ? And are there any precautions or things to know before replacing the disks ? Finally, what software should I use to format both hard drives ?
Thank you.

No one can help me ?

Did you get any answers to this in other places? I’m planning in upgrading the drives on mine and I’m not sure if there’s a limit on capacity or they have to be enterprise level drives.

This forum is useless. They have nothing but morons working at G-Tech it seems.

Honestly though, I’ve been digging around and… in terms of the software, I found the configurator here, click on “Software by Product” and then the appropriate product which should be “G-RAID Removable with Thunderbolt Utility” (I downloaded but haven’t had the chance to try it yet and see if it recognizes the array, it’s a pretty basic piece of software)

Regarding the capacity, I saw the Q&A section for its product page on B&H and someone said it takes up to 12TB capacity per drive.

I’m waiting on reply from other, more knowledgeable people, but seems like the enterprise/consumer hard drive stuff really just pertains to the quality & longevity of it, other than that if you stick to the SATA III 3.5" version and 7200RPM you should be good. I’m thinking of getting consumer level since it is just a main backup of my other portable external drives/it’s not operating most of the time.