how to repair wd 20ezrz - 2TB blue

I have a wd 20ezrz drive, just a few years old 2tb internal blue

I recently plugged a USB 3.0 connector into it, and the drive went dead, I assumed the PCB was fried, so I ordered a new PCB from china, and then replaced the BIOS chip in the new card. Now its recognized but everything comes up zero-zero ( linux ) utils.

I would prefer to find a shop to repair ( thailand ) but I don’t know of such a shop, and it seems that post warranty that WD will not help you, as I can’t get an RMA number to send them the drive, as the SN is past warranty. I will pay to have the drive repaired, I don’t care about the data.

Any ideas about repair? I even opened up the clam shell and the drive & arm are fine. I have tested the old PCB & just assumed that was the problem. The diodes on the old pcb seem fine.

Lastly, these drives are made in Thailand you would think it would be easy to get them repaired??

i think you’ll discover that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to just replace it rather than repair it.

looking around at prices online, you can buy a brand new WD20EZRZ for less than $100 which is highly likely a lot cheaper than a repair shop cost.