How to remove Personal Cloud Storage 3TB My Cloud plastic case?


The HDD in my 3TB My Cloud has bought the farm. It’s out o’ warranty, so I’m considering replacing it with a larger capacity unit, and I see some good info here on the WD Community about how to replace/format/etc. the HDD itself. What I haven’t been able to find is a description of how to remove the outer plastic case.

It appears that the plastic case either slides up, forward, or both off of the aluminum frame, but I’m not seeing what the secret handshake is that actually releases the case from the frame.

For absolute clarity, this is the drive in question:

WD Part #WDBCTL0030HWT-00,, .

How do I remove (and, uh, replace) the outer plastic case? :thinking:

Thanks. :wink:

Uh, never mind…

I figured it out. Using a very small flat-bladed screwdriver I was able to pry the rear edge of the case away from the frame. First one side, then the other. The case then slid forward just as I expected.

A caution: the plastic case is secured to the aluminum frame by four plastic clips that are integral to the case itself. I got the case off without damaging them, but a bit too much enthusiasm would snap 'em off. Patience and the smallest screwdriver you have will be yer friend.

There are a number of YouTube videos that detail how to open the single bay My Cloud enclosure. Here are a few:


Well, dang. That woulda been exactly what I needed. Glad you posted the links. It’ll help someone in the future.