How to remove metal bracket from hard drive

so long story short. I want to repurpopse the hdd from the mycloud. I took i apart but on side of the hdd there is a metal bracket with two small torx type screws. i cant seem to remove those. They ended up stripping my screw driver head a bit and perhaps the screws themselves arecstripped just a little bit

any ideas? thanks.

If the screw heads are stripped you could try using a vice grip on them if they stick out enough to get the vice grip on them.

Or use the right sized torx bit on those screws and see if there is enough of the socket left for the bit to grab. Home improvement stores will sell kits that have a variety of small torx head bits.

On mine, those are hex/allen head screws. For me, a 2mm allen key fits.

Mine are probably hex too. I didn’t know what to call them. Thanks

Some of the scews ARE torx screws.

The screws that hold on the rubber bumber thingies are torx screw, but the 2 screws that hold on the bracket are hex screws.

Yup they did turn out to be torx. T6 bit opened them in a second. Problem solved.