How to remove backup volumes using Smartware?


I have two volumes (C: and D:) from my notebook backed up using SmartWare. Now I will have to replace my notebook with a new one. In my MyBook Essential 2TB I have also a lot of files that are not in the SmartWare’s folders (under WD_SmartWare folder). I have also another volume backed up from my desktop.

I’ll have to move all files from my old notebook to the new one, so I’ll not use SmartWare to restore the volume. Instead, I’ll use the same MyBook’s free space to do so. Then, I want to delete the old notebook’s backup volumes and create a new one based on my new notebook.

Having a total of 3 volumes in my MyBook, how do I select  one volume  to remove in order to get free space?

Thanks in advance.

So that I can better answer your questions. After you transfer your data to your new system did you want to start over or only delete profile from the previous system?

Hi James,

Here is exactly what I would like to do. The main issue I see is deleting the volume that SmartWare takes care of. NoteOld is the old notebook and NoteNew is the new one. NoteOld is running SmartWare backup and has a backup volume in MyBook.

  1. At the NoteOld, stop SmartWare backup.

  2. Copy ALL files I need to a folder in MyBook external drive.

  3. Unplug MyBook from NoteOld and plug in into NoteNew.

  4. Copy ALL files from the folder in My Book to NoteNew.

  5. Install SmartWare into NoteNew.

  6. Configure volume backup for using it with my MyBook.

7. Delete the backup volumes stored in MyBook with NoteOld data (that is the thing I cannot figure out how to do).

I call it ‘backup volume’ because that is what is written in SmartWare. My NoteOld has C: and D: drives backed up and I want to delete it from my MyBook, while preserving other files simply copied to it (I’m using MyBook as a backup drive for SmartWare as well as a storage drive for other files).

So I guess the answer to your question is that I want to delete the profile from the previous system.


I understand. 

If you navigate to the drive and delete the folder named  WD SmartWare this will delete all previous backups performed by the software.

Then launch the WD SmartWare on your new system, (you might need a reboot), you should beable to go to backup and have the ability to run backup again and start over.

You might want to make sure that you have the latest firmware and software available as well.  Here is the link if you need it.

let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

I would like to selectively remove the backup volumes, because there is one more backup from my desktop computer that I would like to preserve (not that it would be a real problem to run the backup of my desktop from the start again – but imagine, I will lose all past versions of a file).

If I remove categories one by one in SmartWare from the list of desired backup types (pictures, music, movies, etc) will it erase the corresponding data from the backup (WD_SmartWare folder)? That way I could eliminate backup volume from my old system without interfering with the other systems backed up. Will it do it?


At this time there is no way to selectively remove backups.  The only option is to go into each folder within the backup folder and delete the unwanted saved/backed up data/folders associated with that profile.

This has been added as a feature request to have the ability to remove or delete individual backups from other computers or users, from within the WD SmartWare program.