How to: remotely access your configuration Dashboard

A lot of people wondering about this myself included so -

Serious drawback for me has been that the My Cloud doesn’t allow remote access to the configuration interface - except if you know programming which I don’t.

Two minute workaround:

Install Splashtop Remote Desktop software. With this, I can access my home computer as if I was in front of it, from another PC, from my Android phone, etc. No network configuration, firewall/port opening etc needed, at least not in my case (Win 8.1, Asus RT-AC68U router, Avast Internet Security Suite).

PS. There is an “expert” configuration option to specify your home IP and port etc which states this is to be used if Splashtop should operate as if on the local network. For me this all worked without configuring this option at all. But I guess try that if you’re having trouble.



Thanks sharing this with the community.