How to remotely access a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive without using


I want to use WebDav connection to WD My Cloud without using web broswer part -> signing in (see official manual).

I want to skip java applet mapping of shares from browser into explorer or finder (OS X). When I map for example my public share from java applet in Mac OS X, I can see that java applet is mapped through WebDav https protocol. Path to this share is: So in Forklift (something like Total Commander in WIN) I tried to add new WebDav connection with this parameters:


port: 8443 (filled automatically because of https)

login: my login to

password: my passwd to

remote path: /_public

but connection doesn’t work. Any ideas?


Though WD 2go service uses WebDAV as a transport, WebDAV the way you’re trying to use it isn’t supported on this platform.

The credentials you’re providing aren’t the same as what the Cloud expects.   The wd2go credentials are not used for the connection to the NAS…

Try this (german forum - use translator):

You won’t believe but I was already trying this but as a password I filled my icloud passwd not deviceUserAuthCode. It works now and even without DDNS. I simply made new WebDAV connections like this:

Firstly here is source code:

codebase_lookup: 'false',
mayscript: 'true',
portalUrl: '',
paths: "/Public_,/TimeMachineBackup_,/test_",
host: "",
port: "80",
sslPort: "443",
locale: "en_US",
browser: navigator.userAgent,
isLan: "false",

then new WebDAV connection in Forklift (OS X File commander):

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 17.36.16.png


Slick!! is gone, anyway to do this currently from

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