How To Remote View Movies?

I want to remotely view movies that are several gigs. It works fine on my android and ipad, but i spent a couple days trying to figure it out and all I concluded is the Mios server will do it ,but i have to pay . I used the web2go login site on my browser, it works with copying small files, but can’t touch the larger movies. Is there a web2go app but for windows 8? I think I’m going to return this item, just didn’t do what I thought it said it would.

Remotely you mean not on your own network? One of the issues I have had with doing such things is your upload speed from your home network could be very bad in order to stream a large movie like that. If its not a few megabytes (like 3-5MB at least you will have issues).

If the movies are over 2GB, I believe that is the limitation of Wd2Go. There is a not a specific web2goapp for windows 8, just the browser.