How to recover WD Passport formatted for 6131 HD Receiver

Hey, all.  I plugged in my WD Passport 250 into a Bell 6131 HD receiver to turn it into a PVR.

It works perfectly on the one receiver.  But when I switch it to a second HD reciver (exact same model), it does not work at all.  My plan is to record on one receiver and have the flexibility to move to the second receiver to watch the show.  Bell has told me that it should work.  I am going to get a bigger, faster external hard drive with a separate power supply to see if that will work.

In the meantime, I would like to reuse my WD Passport 250.  When I plugged it into the first HD receiver, the receiver reformatted the hard drive.  My computer does not recognize it anymore.  There must have been some sort of encryption when the hard drive was formatted by the hd receiver.

Does anybody know how I can reformat the hard drive so that it will work as a computer hard drive as before??


Thanks for any help

Try downloading our DLG diagnostics and see if it will recognize the drive.  Once you do that you will need to write zeros to the drive.  Then you should be able to repartition and reformat the drive.  Hopefully…