How to recover files to a new computer

My laptop has a motherboard problem and won’t boot up.   I have backed up my  files to “My Book” and wanted to recover them to a new PC.   I have read the manual and for the life of me I can’t see how to download the backed up files to a new PC.   It states you can recover to the original location on your PC or you can create a Retrieve Folder.  

Probably a simple thing to do but can’t find any rererence to it.

Thanks in advance for  help.

What My Book are you using and what is the name of the software you used to back up your files?

Regardless the answers to this questions you should be able to open my computer and access the drive. If you used software to back up y our data the data may be hidden in wired named folders, so you will have to dig in to the folders to find your data,


take out your hard drive from laptop and put it into external box. connect it with PC for backup. that’s all

I have the same need however I do not have access to the original PC…

So navigated to the files on the My Book and planned to copy and paste them to my new laptop, but all the files have the addition of “dcm” added to the file name. So, for example “vaction picture.jpg.dcm”.

I tried to remove the “.dcm” fom the file, but no luck.  I have hundreds of files like this.

FYI - I have a WD My Book World II ( using WD Anywhere Backup) backing up files off my old hp desktop running vista.  The new machine is a laptop running Windows 7. Desktop is toast. 

Have you found the answer to your problem yet?  I’m having problems retrieveing my files after upgrading to Windows 7.

This is exactly my issue too. I have upgraded from an XP computer to a new Windows 7 machine. Before the upgrade I bought a My Book Essential 750GB and used the included software. After the upgrade I again installed the software on my new machine. When I access the drive through the software it gives me nothing under the “retrieve” window. If I access the drive directly through “Computer” it lists several folders which seem to contain fragments of the original information. If I have to go through each folder and piece together the info manually, I’ll go crazy.

I can access the old computer but it’s in pieces and would be a pain to reconstruct. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Any constructive comments/suggestions are appreciated.

bump, i am having this same issue, does anyone know how to solve?


  I am having the same problem  - going from Windows XP to Windows 7,

  Can anyone please help,

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Did you ever get an answer to your question about how to back up your files from the MY BOOK to another computer?

I have a similar need. Tnx

No, I have not received any responses.  I also searched all of the posts, but I did not find any help.

Please, can anyone help?

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What happens if you use the latest version of WD Anywhere Backup to retrieve all the data into a folder?  As long as you didn’t create a password-protected backup, the DCM files are metadata and not the information on the files itself.