How to recover files from Sharespace Raid-1 on OS X?

I had the same issue as a lot o you had upgrading to firmware After the update my 1TB Raid 1 dissapeared from th network.  When logged into the GUI. The drives show they are good, just can’t seem to access them in anyway. I saw Nathans post about getting to the data from Fedora. I was just wondering if this could be done via a MAC. I have a PC laptop, but no PC with sata cables. Hence, why I wonder if it can be done via the G5 PowerPC I have.

Any info or success with this?

Thanks in advance. I looked for OS X related posts, but I did not find anything.

Oh, I did forget to mention that I can however access 2 new drives that I dropped in as Raid-1 in bays 3&4. This did not help with the drives in bay 1&2. So, it seems the sharespace is OK, but the firmware update messed something up on my existing raid-1