How to recover erased disk

I have 1 Tb passport drive my book essential.  I have partitioned it into two disk of  700 and 300 gb. planning to delete 300 gb partition I have accidentally erased the entire HDD.  How to recover the erased files. I  am using windows 7.

Please help thanks in advance

You can search for data recovery software but it doesn’t sound good. Some you can try and recover small files and buy full version if it works. It will also depend on what you mean by erase. Check this out


I have partioned the drive into 750 and 250 gb previously. I have executed the WD smartware.exe and gone to the settings tab and there chosen the drive erase hoping that I can select the drive to erase. But immediately after clicking erase button I have lost the whole drive i.e 750 and 250 and lost partion also.  Can you further explain whether I can recov er the files.   

I can’t guide you from experience I can only recommend a couple of programs that others have had luck with. One other one may help is TestDisk You’ll have to read up and see if you want to try yourself the other alternative is professional recovery very expensive. There may be nothing left to recover. If the partition data was simply erased then maybe one of those 2 programs would restore the partitions. Using the Smartware also complicates things since most of us don’t know how it works.


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Thank for the advice. I will try and post the results if successful.

I’m not sure if Test Disk works on multiple partitions, but if it doesn’t, you may have to spring for recovery software that will.