How to recover data from World Book

I have a World Book 1TB (model WD10000G032) with the circular status light on the front. It stopped being accessible on my home network a while back, and so I disassembled the drive to get at the bare drive. it is a SATA drive, WD Cavear SE16 (WD10EACS). I bought a SATA to USB adapter to try to access the data. I connect it to my Windows 7 computer, and I get beeps, which seem to imply the computer is trying to access it, but it is not successful. I get no error messages, just the beeps, that seem to operate on a cycle like it is in a loop. Perdiocally, when I try to eject the drive, it is not listed, but then it is, and then it isn’t. I also have another World Book I bought later, and it is still identified on my network, but I cannot access it. It is listed as “media” device on my network, but when I launch Windows Media Server, it cannot access anything from it. When I select my Computer, it shows as a public network drive, but I cannot access it. If memory serves, these were similar symptoms I got on my previous drive, before it seems to have failed completely. The second drive has the bar lights on the front (the model number is so small, I cannot read it).

Any advice on how to get the drives to start working again, or at least to recover the data from them?

Even if the mechanical drive itself is good, Windows won’t see it because it’s formatted as EXT3, which is a file system NOT supported by Windows.

Try to either Google for anything that allows you to open EXT3 drives on Windows (“EXT3 Windows” could be good terms) or try Linux (Fedora or Ubuntu) since it can natively read EXT3.

use ext2fsd