How to recover data from the portable drive/


I am using 3.0 WD 1 TB portable hard disk for more than 2 years. For last 1 month, the disk is not visible in “My Computer” when i connect the disk with my system. However, when I check in the control pannel it says external drive connected. Can anyone tell me how to access the data from my disk as it is not visible in “My Computer”

Thank you in anticipation

Hi, have you tried using another USB cable or opening the disk management window to see if it is recognized there? 

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives

He is asking how to recover data. I would also like to know this, as my 6 month old “My Passport” 2TB portable is no longer seen by Windows 7 disk management. In my case, the drive is still humming with light on, but is not detected when plugged in to any computer.

So the question is, upon opening the passport case and removing the WD20NMVW 2TB drive, what is the next step in order to achieve a SATA connection so I can attempt to recover my data? My data may well be in **bleep** right now, but I’d like to try a SATA interface.

Really? so the English word that is the opposite of “heaven” is bleeped out on this forum?

Here’s a new version of my sentence: "My data may well be in heaven right now, but I’d like to try a SATA interface. "

My priority is data recovery. I am not interested in warranty. I’ll count my losses and purchase something else, but for the moment would like to try a SATA connection. Can someone please advise?