How to recover data after box reset?

On my livebook duo  2 disk - raid 0.
I had to reset the disk box configuration but after this I lost all my data.
Is there a way to recover them ?


Hi, you can try using a data recovery program for NAS, but I’m not sure that it will work. 

i tryed to remove the 2 disk and plug them in my windows system then i tryed a few raid recovery programs, Sometime it took 24 hours to scan the disks… but nothing good to recover… For example I only got some parts of corrupted avi.

Quite weird to me because I haven’t written on the raid after the WD raid system factory reset.
Well juste never reset to not loose data… I know it now !


Nowadays so many data recovery companies provides data recovery software. You should compare the rate and choose a best one according to your requirements.
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