How to recover accidentaly deleted files

Hi All,

can someone advice how to recover files which have been accidentaly deleted from wd mycloud?


restore from backup is the best. not just to pick on you but backups will always be very important, disks will fail, people will make mistakes, disasters will happen all a question of when, not if. I also suggest having an offsite backup that you refresh periodically in addition to a local current backup

I am guessing you don’t have a backup. How good are your Linux skills? 2 basic methodes, remove the drive and mount it on a Linux system and use a recover utility. there may be a utility you can install directly on the mycloud which is easier but also riskier. If you have decent Linux skills then search for details as there are a number of threads on this. If you don’t have decent Linux skills forget about recovery or send it in to a recovery service

Thanks a bunch for quick response and suggestions! As the matter of fact I had a back up but realized file was deleted after back up was overwritten with the new one, so file I was looking for was not there anymore… Unfortunately I am not that Linux savvy, so will not even try this route. Frankly speaking I have been hoping to find something like trash file (similair to the one on Windows) where I could find deleted documents…

what are you using for backups? Are you sure it is gone from there?

What did you end up doing? I just accidentally deleted my whole entire music library and need to recover it. I know NOTHING about Linux. I am willing to pay ANY amount for a program or a way to do this. Thank you…

You can restore your data from backup if you have backup of your data. If not then i suggest you to take regular backup of data to avoid data loss.

But don’t worry you can try recovery with the help of data recovery software. (Avoid storing new data on your device)