How to Recover a Deleted Files or Folders

Can someone make a Step by Step How To recover a Deleted Files or Folders for a non Technical Users of WD Sentinel DX4000?

  1. From a desktop PC,  Right click  the folder that had your file(s)

  2. Click previous versions

  3. Rub a gnomes head in a counter clockwise motion

Sorry, I was thinking you meant deleted from a server share.  If you mean recover from a client PC backup, Rob has a video here.

yes, i meant from a network shared folder. From there my user accidentally deleted a folder which got an important data.

Hi Gramps,

I tried using the users workstation where he accidentally deleted the files and right click from it and select the restore previous versions but it did not work, so I went back to my WD server and do the restore from previous version and it works. Thanks for the Ideas i manage to restore the file.

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YEA !!!

I know this may sound backwards as that is why you bought a server :slight_smile:

But if you keep your data on a PC and share it from there, then the WD box will backup that data.  Then you will have true backups of your data.  Previous versions works many times, but may choke on large amounts of data.

Hi Gramps,

True, but i use the DX4000 for Server File Sharing on my Finance HR Accounting Department.

They are connected on it via AD user permission. I just check out the backup process on the DX4000 via task schedular runs every 6 hours.

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You should try to use a Data Recovery software to recover a deleted files or folder,There are several data recovery software available and kernel for Window Data Recovery software one of them .You can also try to use this one.