How to reconnect at logon remotely?

I have a 3TB MBL that is set up just as it should be and connects to the internet just fine. I am able to map drives using the WD2GO website, however, when I set my Mac to reconnect to these at logon, I am prompted for a username and password. I’ve tried a multitude of account combinations related to the drive and none of them seem to work. Is this type of connection even possible? What’s the point of having such a cloud device if I can’t connect to it automatically from anywhere as if it’s on my local network? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

The WD 2Go does require for you to log in for security reasons.

You can also consider using FTP to connect remotely but then again it also requires some sort of security to make sure no one gets a hold of your files without your permission.